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Back in 2006 Carrie had a plan. Carrie’s plan was to look after a small group of children from Town Lane Infant School from 3.10pm until 5.30pm in a church hall with help from her friend, Yvonne. It took off quickly and a year later Carrie was asked expand to have a separate club for Higher Bebington Juniors. Firbobs continued to grow and grow into the 10 clubs and over 800 Firbob children that make it what many people call the fabulous Firbobs family.

Firbobs started off in Higher Bebington and when choosing a name for the business Carrie knew immediately what it would be called given her background as a History graduate.  Firbobs was the choice.  For those that don’t know a Firbob is someone who was born in sight of the Windmill that once stood close to the present Higher Bebington Junior School.  As the two initial schools we provided childcare would have been in sight of the Windmill if it still stood then many of the children would have been Firbobs.

Firbobs is based on the idea of free choice and allowing children to choose exactly what they want to do! Carrie wanted the children who attended to be able to do exactly what they would do if they were at home, rather than allowing Firbobs to become an extension of school. This started the idea for Holiday Club and all of the wonderful days out that ensued. We always seek the view of children for the ideas on places to go and things to do and we always get some great responses!  After all it’s the children’s holidays not our team.

Family and friends is a key focus across the whole of Firbobs.  Many of the staff team have been with us 10 years, many have left only to return. We have even had 3 generations of a family within clubs at times.  We also have as part of our team ex firbobs children who return to do their Duke of Edinburgh Volunteering and then gain part time jobs before and after school as Young Playworkers, acting as role models to the younger children.

Best Wishes

A Firbob

A Firbob is a term often used locally to describe someone who was born in sight of the Windmill in Higher Bebington

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