Mersey Park

Before and After School Club
The Essentials

Breakfast Club Opens at 7.45am until the start of the school day – £4.70 per child per session.

After School Club closes at 5.45pm – £9.40 per child per session.

Club Contact No: 07807 046617 (Jess)

About the Club

Firbobs@MerseyPark operates from the mobile in the school playground. We have invested heavily in both indoor and outdoor activities, equipment and games to ensure the children have a fantastic time when attending. We have access to the school playground for outdoor games and activities and during the summer months we are also able to go and enjoy Mersey Park. The favourite night of the whole year for both staff and children is definitely the Water Play night in July involving water bombs, water guns, buckets and lots of towels! Numbers continue to grow due to the quality of care that Jess and the rest of the team provide.

We are all about free choice at Firbobs so your child(ren) can do as little or as much as they want each night, we even have some children who enjoy doing their homework whilst with us!

Menus and Snacks

We adhere to the Food Standards for Schools so that the children can have a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack that they enjoy. Children get the chance to not only help choose the snacks but also to help prepare it. We have both hot and cold breakfasts and snacks that change daily and according to the weather. We also participate in many themed activities that involve food such as Farmhouse Breakfast Week and Chinese New Year that allows us to extend the range of foods available. Fresh fruit and water are available at all times for the children to help themselves and enjoy.


Mersey Park Primary School, Elm Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead, Wirral CH42 0PH

Jess – Manager

Club Contact Number: 07807 046617

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